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If you’re pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant, routine obstetrics care increases your chance of carrying a healthy baby to term. At Reno Tahoe Women's Health in Reno, Nevada, Arathi Veeraswamy, MD, and Brooke Maclennan, CNM, offer premium prenatal care to optimize you and your baby’s health. Schedule your next pregnancy appointment with Reno Tahoe Women’s Health over the phone or online today.

Pregnancy Q & A

What is pregnancy care?

Pregnancy care at Reno Tahoe Women’s Health refers to the medical monitoring and treatment you receive before, during, and right after pregnancy to optimize health for you and your baby. Your Reno Tahoe Women’s Health provider completes all deliveries in a state-of-the-art, warm, welcoming facility.

How often should I schedule a prenatal appointment?

Schedule a prenatal appointment before you become pregnant or if you suspect you’re already pregnant. Your Reno Tahoe Women’s Health provider offers advice about increasing your chance of becoming pregnant and maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

Attend routine prenatal appointments at Reno Tahoe Women’s Health as recommended. You might need to come in once a month during early pregnancy and more often the closer you are to delivery. If your pregnancy is classified as high risk, more frequent visits are needed.

What happens during prenatal appointments?

How far along you are in your pregnancy, risk factors, and your overall health determine what you can expect during prenatal appointments at Reno Tahoe Women’s Health. 

You complete a urine sample to rule out certain medical problems. Your provider discusses symptoms and your medical history, determines your weight, and checks your blood pressure. They may use blood tests to screen for or rule out certain health problems.

Your provider listens to your baby’s heartbeat and feels your abdomen. They may complete a pelvic exam, vaginal or traditional ultrasound, or prenatal genetic testing. If you have diabetes or are at risk of gestational diabetes, your provider monitors your condition and helps you control blood sugar. 

Call the Reno Tahoe Women’s Health office if you notice changes in your baby’s movements, have unusual symptoms, or experience pelvic pain or bleeding.

What should I expect during delivery?

When you show signs of labor, such as closely spaced or severe uterine contractions, your water breaking, or bloody, mucus-like discharge, call your doctor to let them know you’re in labor. Your obstetrician delivers your baby at Renown Health or St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center. They offer vaginal births, cesarean births, or vaginal births after cesarean section (VBAC).

To receive premium obstetrics care before, during, and after pregnancy, schedule a prenatal appointment with Reno Tahoe Women’s Health over the phone or online today.